Real Men Don’t See Doctors

REAL MEN DON’T SEE DOCTORS” Real men don’t ask for directions, and now researchers are saying the reluctance to ask for help may not just mean they get lost. It may also take a toll on their health.

Believing the ideal man is the strong, silent type who does not complain about pain were only half as likely as other men to seek preventive health care, like an annual physical, the study found.

I recall statistics that said, that men with partners were more likely, by a lot to outlive their single unattached counterparts. A partner is much more inclined to remind and if necessary be that nudge needed to attend to medical care or check-ups. Same for eating healthier, exercise and vitamins. Find one of the multitude of casual female acquaintances who would do the same. But may be more inclined to drop you when your waistline gets too big.

We are past having Dr. Kildaire’s, Ben Casey’s and Marcus Welby’s as our quarterback. Now, they don’t have the time, and it’s up to all men to do the manly thing and get things checked regularly and especially if something just doesn’t seem right.

Roni Caryn Rabin makes this point in her article in The New York Times below….

Real Men Don’t See Doctors
Real Men Don’t See Doctors

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