“We Realized We Were
Talking About Only One
Spectrum of The Aging Journey…

We Wanted to Do More”

Our Approach

What we deal with daily affects everything; How we look and how we feel; How we relate to others in our social, work, and family lives. It’s mental, physical, and spiritual.

We don’t have to look very hard to find topics that affect us all in one way or another. Asking questions is a great start. If you remember Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes, he had many one liners about aging and things that we are interested in. He often opened with “Did Ya Ever Wonder?” …. Well, that’s where we start.

Facing the mirror in the morning is always great. Once you’re sure that everything is still attached and in the right place, we take note of the little things and wonder how many people wonder about this too? If it happens to us, chances are good that many people are also affected.

Our Mission

We found that the audience for this knowledge was huge! We enjoyed researching, developing, and presenting this information and found it important to our listeners. We looked for a way to broaden our audience.

We have posted our shows and research material onto our website almost from the start. We certainly didn’t invent Podcasting, but with its advent and it’s rapid acceptance, the easiest and most effective way to reach a really large audience was through the Internet. So was born. The site is home to everything about us and is the archive of current and past shows. We post articles we used to help with show preparation as well as what would be of general interest to our audience along with material we have written and want to share. All this to make Getting Older Better!

Years Of Experience

I started the Healthy Aging Show on radio in 2005. Being in the business of non-medical in-home care”  we started talking about issues of the frail and elderly. We soon realized that we were at the extreme end of the Journey of Aging. Getting old was the issue, not being old! We needed to help people grow old well. What could we do to educate and inform people about doing things that makes getting older better?

Intelligent Aging …… Lessons for Life"

Not Just Our Tagline.

It's A Way of Life.

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Understanding Arthritis

Susan Nesci – Chief Public Health and Policy Officer with the Arthritis Foundation joined us to update and inform on what many people do not