Dennis Patouhas

Dennis Patouhas has been the host, owner, and producer of the Healthy Aging Show since 2005, popular in southern Connecticut for many years. With the advent of podcasting, Dennis decided to broaden his listener reach.

Throughout his varied career, Dennis has been the owner of a successful home care business for 20 years, serving the interests of the elderly and those recovering from illness or injury. During that time, Dennis was a member of the advisory Council and various committees for the franchise network he was a part of. As the co-founder of the Connecticut chapter of the Home Care Association of America, Dennis served as Vice President for Legislative Affairs. He was deeply involved in the issues of the industry and the clients they served.

Throughout a long marriage, Dennis and his late wife Marian were caregivers for seven family relatives. The experience opened them to the plight of the elderly. The lack of knowledge among many in the same situation. The need for individuals and their families to be proactive in their health and care.

An accountant by training, Dennis earned a Bachelor’s Degree in business. He held upper management-level positions in industries ranging from mutual fund management, computer leasing, and automobile manufacturing to real estate development and construction.

His passion has been and remains to share useful information that can positively change the lives of others. 

Dawn Del Greco


Dawn is naturally inquisitive. It’s part of her charm. She also is keenly aware of providing “another point of view” as she prepares a list of intriguing questions to get the conversation rolling with our guests. She is also skilled at helping Dennis make our guests comfortable—which, in most cases, makes the microphone seem to disappear. At times we stick to the script, and at other times, we let the conversation lead us in unanticipated directions that produce unexpected results. Each show is taped and edited so that the final product best represents the subject matter and the guest providing the insights. Dawn also provides the perspective of a woman who has been a caretaker. As a result, she is both understanding and compassionate about the subjects featured on The Healthy Aging Show. There’s a lot to be said about contributing a “been there and done that” point of view. Having worked in home care, hospitality, and real estate, Dawn is skilled at weaving her experiences into the conversation. She knows how to make the most of a Press Pass. Dawn is both a skilled listener and a genuine charmer. People are comfortable with her in conversation and easily open up to her. One of her best lines is “Ear to the Ground News,” as important information is everywhere.

Shea Shafran

Executive Producer

Varied and multi-talented background. Residential design and construction management, fashion modeling and commercials, clothing design and manufacturing, real estate sales, artist and sculptor and a Nutritionist mom, Shea touches directly on many issues of aging. 

An appreciation and understanding of what goes into our body, how our body looks, and where our body is comfortable are important to the whole person and the goal of healthy aging. Being able to scale our lives to balance our age and needs is important for many reasons, not the least of which is peace of mind.