Anesthesiology– Maybe the MOST Important Person You DON’T Know

Understanding Anesthesia
Anesthesia is a mysterious concept to most of us, even if we’ve been anesthetized before. The term comes from the Greek for “loss of sensation,” but that’s not the only effect it causes in your body. Anesthesia, essentially a reversible condition induced by drugs, is intended to result in one or more different states of being. It can relieve pain, give you amnesia to knock out your memory of the procedure or how it felt, reduce anxiety (because who doesn’t have anxiety when undergoing a medical procedure?) and paralyze your muscles. Dr. Betty Ann Robustelli is a board certified anesthesiologist in Stamford, Connecticut. She is currently licensed to practice medicine in Connecticut and New York. She is affiliated with Stamford Anesthesiologist Services PC and Stamford Hospital.

Anesthesia Part 1
Anesthesia Part 2
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Anesthesia – What You Don’t Know

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