Introduction – Why the Healthy Aging Show? Listen and learn.

I was in the business of “Non Medical In-Home Care”. When we started, most people didn’t know what that meant. In fact in 2001, apparently, neither did I. When my wife, Marian said she wanted to go into the Home Care business, I replied “why? I am in the home care business, (as I had a construction services company). Marian, ever quick to respond, set me straight. “No, I want to take care of elderly people in their own home”

I started the Healthy Aging Show on radio in 2005. We started talking about issues of the frail and elderly. We realized that we were at the extreme end of the journey of aging. Getting old was the issue, not being old! We needed to help people grow old well. What could we do to educate and inform people about doing things that makes getting older better?

In the link below, Shea Shafran, our Executive Producer and I cover much that we, together with my Co-Host Dawn Del Greco have done, and more about what we want to do.

We created a tag line “Intelligent Aging…Lessons for Life”.

Dennis Patouhas – Host