Judging a Nursing Home

Choosing a nursing home is not always a choice but sometimes it is a mandate. Time is up in the hospital and the patient must go somewhere. If not home then a nursing home may be the only solution. The author of this article had what seemed the luxury of time and used it well. He said “In casual conversations in hallways and dining rooms at more than a dozen facilities, I found only one nurses’ aide who had been on the job more than six months. I was witnessing in real life one of the most dismal statistics in long-term care: More than 70 percent of nurses’ aides, or certified nursing assistants, change jobs in a given year.”

Having the ability to evaluate a number of facilities is ideal, if time allows. There are some great skilled nursing facilities. One such possibility might be termed experimental alternatives to conventional nursing homes. Eden Alternative is one where the concept and its execution is a collaborative effort between the staff, residents and the management. The results is longevity of staff, better familiarity with the residents and an environment more akin to a residence than a facility.

Judging a Nursing Home
Eden Alternative Staff Member and Dog


New York Times Dale  Russakoff

https://www.edenalt.org/ The Eden Alternative