Study of Longevity The study of longevity has kicked into high gear over the past decade and as everything technical, is growing exponentially. What was once pedaled out of the back of a covered wagon or the trunk of a car has become high-tech science. It is attracting billions of dollars for research into ways […]

Anorexia Treatment for Adolescents

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Bringing in Family to Combat AnorexiaUnlike traditional treatments for anorexia nervosa in adolescents, in which the patient sees the therapist one on one, this kind of family-based treatment encourages parents to play a pivotal role in restoring their childs weight while trying to avoid hospitalizations . Now a new study by Dr. Le Grange, of […]

Understanding Concussions

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CONCUSSIONSMore and more, the issue of head trauma is being reported and the long term effects are better understood. Once brushed aside as a mere bump on the head, the cumulative effect of this injury has the potential of being truly life changing. Football is the first thing most of us think of, but many […]