Women aren’t properly represented in scientific studies

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Women aren’t properly represented in scientific studies With all the hype about personalized medicine one day, doctors will use patients’ genomes to tailor treatment. One would hope that the medical community already had a decent grip on differences between the sexes…Yet scientists and clinicians often ignore sex differences, if they are even aware of them. […]

Alzheimer’s Research – Clinical Studies


More and more, researchers are making discoveries that are bringing us closer to finally combating this most insidious of diseases. Sometimes termed a disease of the caregiver, Alzheimer’s continues to ravage the memories of it’s victims. Dr. Danillo de la Pena, Director of the Research Center for Clinical Studies in Norwalk CT, pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical research in […]

Unrealistic Optimism in Early-Phase Cancer Trials: Ethical Implications

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When Optimism Is Unrealistic“But despite clearly understanding the purpose, and limits, of early-phase (Drug) trials, the patients were also blinded by what researchers called an unrealistic optimism, or an optimistic bias, when it came to applying that knowledge to their own particular situations. A majority of patients assumed that the experimental drugs would control their […]